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If you're looking for quality and innovation in your outdoor power equipment, you've come to the right place. At STIHL we're never satisfied with success. We're always working to improve product performance. One reason for STIHL's success is that we sell only through servicing dealers to support the end user with products and service.
Stihl Tree Climbing Timbersports
STIHL is much more than world-class chain saws and handheld outdoor power equipment. Athletes from around the world compete in STIHL sponsored events such as the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series, STIHL Tour des Trees and STIHL Dogs and Logs. In addition, the many faces of Team STIHL embody the individual pursuit of greatness and the emphasis of team and family. Two-time International Tree Climbing Champion Mark Chisholm is a professional arborist who loves to share his expansive knowledge of trees and climbing techniques. Chuck Leavell, keyboardist for legendary bands such as the Rolling Stones and the Allman Brothers, gives his strong support to raise awareness for nature conservation. P. Allen Smith is America's most recognized and respected garden design expert, providing ideas and inspiration through multiple media vehicles. These individuals and others join together in representing STIHL with a strong commitment to high performance and success.